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How does Convert to video work?

When you click Convert to video inside the Story tab, our AI will parse your text, select the most relevant portions, and generate scenes for you based on that content. Typically you'll see around 7-10 scenes generated as a starting point.

If you don't want our AI to summarize your article, you can select the "Use every sentence in the story" from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Story tab:

If this option is selected, our AI will generate scenes for all of your text, up to 40 scenes. If the generated scenes don't tell the full story, you can always add more scenes to the canvas from the Story tab.

✨ Magic Summarize Beta Feature

We are currently testing a new convert to video option called "Magic Summarize". Instead of selecting individual sentences from your source material to tell your story, this feature summarizes your source material with all new sentences. These sentences are optimized for video and help tell your story as succinctly as possible, in a video that is as short as possible, in order to maximize engagement on social media.

Have feedback about Magic Summarize? You can fill out a survey right in Lumen5 after we generate your video. Give us a thumbs up or thumbs down and tell us how we can make it better.

Clicking Convert to video will remove any existing scenes on your canvas and replace them with the scenes that are generated from the content in the Story tab. You'll see a confirmation message appear if we detect that you have multiple scenes on the canvas already, and you can choose to replace them all, or cancel and go back. This also impacts saved templates: any scenes that were loaded in the video creator as part of a saved template will be replaced with the AI generated content if you proceed. If you'd like to keep the saved template structure, you can instead drag and drop content from the Story tab to an existing scene to add it.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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