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How Scenes Work in Stories

Videos posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere usually appear in a "feed". As users scroll, your video may catch their eye, and they'll stop scrolling and watch all or part of it.

Stories, like other social videos, are made up of multiple scenes. However, in Stories, users are conditioned to tap to advance from scene to scene. To achieve this, each scene needs to be uploaded separately.

Users tap to move between scenes in a Story at their own pace.

The Story Creator helps you create a story across multiple scenes in a few ways.

All scenes will be less than 15 seconds, as 15 seconds is the maximum on Instagram. Note, the limit for Snapchat is 10 seconds.

The Story Creator will export each scene as its own video, up to 12 scenes total.

The next step is to transfer the scenes to your phone and post them to your Story. We have handy guides to help with the whole process!

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Updated on: 20/05/2022

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