AI Voiceover is currently in beta.

How do I turn on AI Voiceover?
To enable AI voiceover for your videos, go to your Account settings and scroll down to Advanced settings. You'll see a toggle to turn AI voiceover on in your account!

Once it's enabled, you will see the option in a dropdown menu after you click Voiceover.

How do I preview the AI Voiceover?

To hear your AI voiceover, click the Preview button at the top right.

When you preview individual scenes, you won't hear the AI Voiceover.

Why can't I control the scene timing?

In order to ensure that what the AI voice is saying matches the text on your scenes, Lumen5 will take over the timing of each scene. This doesn't work perfectly every time, so if you're having issues with the timing, we recommend toggling the voiceover off, and then manually increasing the time on scenes where sentences are longer, and decreasing the duration of scenes with shorter sentences- anywhere you notice the voiceover is getting off-track. After that, toggling the voiceover back on will regenerate it, and it tends to be much closer after a little fiddling with!

How do I turn off AI Voiceover?

You can turn AI Voiceover off the same way you turned on it.

What languages are supported?

Only English is supported right now. We hope to add more languages as we improve the feature.

Can I customize the AI Voiceover voice?

Not right now, but we hope to add more voices in the near future!

How can I best use AI voiceover?

It's best to leave the voiceover to the end! Create your video exactly how you like it, and then apply the AI voiceover as a last step. In particular, making a copy of a video with an AI voiceover applied can result in some strange timing, so avoid that whenever possible.
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