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Instagram Stories FAQ

Instagram Stories FAQ

What are Stories?

Stories are short videos or images that are only shared for 24 hours before being deleted (unless you save them to your profile). 

How does my audience interact with Stories?

Generally speaking, users are used to tapping through stories quickly, so they'll only see the first few seconds of each scene. You don't need to make them too long! 

If you want to include a call to action, you can also add a link for users to swipe up and go to a URL of your choice. This blog post explains in more detail!

Why should you post Stories?

According to Hootsuite's 2019 Instagram stats, Most brands (2 million of them) are telling their stories with Stories. Over 50 percent one month in 2017. With a third of the most viewed Stories created by businesses. It’s pretty obvious Stories work for brands, unless you’re not telling any!

Why should I be using Instagram in general?

60% of users (that’s 600+ million people) seek out and discover new products on Instagram, and 80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram. It's a great tool for brand awareness, engagement, and for reaching a large audience!

Story Creator FAQ

Why do scenes from the Story Creator download as individual videos?

This is so that you can upload each video as its own distinct scene in Instagram and elsewhere. **Learn more**

Why can't I add an outro in the Story Creator?

Outros are not currently available in the Story Creator, but new, better options are coming soon! 

Where should I send feedback on the new Story Creator tool?

Straight to us! Send any thoughts or feedback to [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#087b7d7878677a7c48647d656d663d266b6765) We're keen to keep improving it for you!

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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