If you're having trouble with a right to left language in a Lumen5 video, this is the post for you!

The first thing to note is that starting from an article or blog post is the best way to create your video. Our AI will recognize that the article is in a RTL language and flip the text orientation so that it correctly displays right to left, rather than left to right. If the orientation of your text is incorrect, it's likely because you started from a piece of media or a template, and the switch did not occur.

If you're making a lot of videos in a RTL language, feel free to reach out and let us know! We can enable a toggle for you that will allow you to manually flip the orientation of your text from the Style tab:

That way you won't have to start from a blog post or article every time you make a video, and you'll be able to fix the orientation if our AI doesn't detect this for you automatically.

The other major cause of issues with text in Lumen5 videos are fonts, as some fonts don't have support for specific characters in non-English languages. To resolve this, go to the Style tab and be sure that the font selected supports the language you're creating a video in. You can check your selected font against this list to be sure, and change the font if needed.

If you're still seeing an error with the characters that aren't in the Latin alphabet, or you don't have a plan that supports changing your font, you can contact us here for more help.
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