Note: To create or edit a saved template, you will need to be the account admin or have been granted access to brand control by your admin.

Saved templates can be used to easily apply a set of customizations for a specific brand. Since Enterprise accounts often have more than one user, saved templates are a simple way to ensure that all of the videos created in your Lumen5 account have consistent branding, regardless of who is making videos. You can make multiple saved templates for each of your anticipated use cases, or stick to one template that should be applied to all videos.

Note: in the video below, saved templates are referred to as "brand presets".

You'll find a link to the Saved Templates page from your Lumen5 Dashboard. The saved template page has many of the same elements you can also find in the Style tab of the video creator. When you start creating a video with a saved template, it will automatically apply settings to the Style tab such as colors and fonts so you won't have to change them for every video.

When choosing a template, it's best to focus on the text animations and transitions to choose a style that suits you since those are locked to the template, rather than colors and fonts which can be changed later. Each template has its own feel– from templates with rounded corners and soft edges to templates with hard lines or no lines at all.

You can choose a template by clicking on the Change Template button above the template preview.

Choose Template

Since every template has different color mappings, the color palette will reset to one of the example palettes whenever you change the template. Pick your template first so you don't lose your palette!

If you have multiple saved templates that you plan to switch between, such as to rebrand individual video multiple times, choose the same template for all of your saved templates. Scene types are template-specific, so you can't change your template after you've started creating your video or if you'd like to rebrand a copy of an existing video.

The watermark is the logo you'll see in one of the corners of your Lumen5 videos. Generally, watermarks work best when they're a square or squat rectangle in shape, and white logos show up best on most media. You can upload your logo here, and choose the opacity and positioning using the dropdown menus. Alternatively, you can toggle the green button to not display a logo if you'd prefer not to have a watermark.


The color palette is the best way to customize the look of your video. Palettes can have anywhere between three to eight different colors depending on your chosen template.

Use the example palettes as a guide for which colors work best in which slot. If the example palettes primarily use white or light colors in a certain slot, that will typically mean that the palette maps to specific elements on each scene that look best with lighter colors, and reserve darker colors for other palette slots. Pick an example palette that is close to your target branding and edit from there.

Color palette

All palette slots support hex codes or RGB values if you have specific color guidelines. Some palette slots also have a transparency slider for supported scene designs.

Lumen5 offers dozens of built-in font options for you to choose from. You can select a different typeface for your primary and secondary text boxes, and your selections will be applied across all scenes in the video this saved template is applied to.

If you have a brand specific font, you can upload this to your saved template. This guide can help you through it.

An outro is typically a short scene at the end of every video that can include your logo as well as a call to action. You can choose from a combination of elements, or you can upload your own.


You can change the logo file or the call to action text by clicking on the boxes in the outro preview.

Outro preview

If you'd like to upload your own outro, select the "Use your own outro" layout, and upload your outro from the preview. Custom outros can be as long as you'd like, but keep in mind that your entire video can't be longer than 5 minutes, including the outro.

Upload Outro

Applying a saved template
Once you've saved your template, you'll be able to apply it when you start creating your next video.

My Brands

If you'd like to switch between saved templates once you're already in the creator, navigate to the Style tab to select a new saved template. Saved templates that use a different base template will be greyed out, since elements in one template may not be translatable to another.

Saved Templates

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