Note: Multiple brand presets are available for users on the Lumen5 Business Plan and above.

Brand presets can be used to easily apply a set of customizations for a specific brand. For example, if you're creating videos for multiple clients, then you'll want to setup a separate brand preset for each of them.

You'll find a link to the Brand Presets page from your Lumen5 Dashboard. This page shows the same settings you see under the Style tab when creating a video, which you can select and save. 

The watermark is the logo you'll see in one of the corners of your Lumen5 videos. Generally, watermarks work best when they're a square or squat rectangle in shape. You can upload your logo here, and choose the opacity and positioning using the dropdown menus. Alternatively, you can toggle the green button to not display a logo.

In the Appearance section, you'll see options for choosing your theme, font, and colors.  

When choosing a theme, it's best to focus on the text animations and transitions to choose a style that suits you, rather than the fonts and colors, as these can be altered. 

If you have a brand specific Font, you can upload this to your preset. This guide can help you through it. 

When choosing colors, you can click a palette to select a starting point, and then click into individual colours to edit them.

You'll have the option to enter the hex code of your brand specific colors, or you can use the colour gradient to fine tune your selection.

Finally, create your outro by uploading your logo and a call to action. You can also turn this off if you don't need an outro for your videos.

Once saved, this allows you to simply apply the preset to each video, rather than change a video's styling every time.

Once you've created a Brand Preset, you'll be able to apply it in the selector under the Style tab when creating your next video.

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