The maximum length of a Lumen5 video is 5 minutes. Many social media platforms recommend that your video be even shorter than this for the best engagement. Below are the recommended lengths for your videos, depending on the social media platform you'll be posting to:

Instagram Feed - 60 seconds maximum
Instagram Story - 15 seconds (Instagram will split longer videos into multiple 15 second fragments)
Twitter - 30 seconds (recommended), 2 minutes and 20 seconds maximum
Facebook Feed - 2 minutes (recommended)
Facebook Story  - 15 seconds
LinkedIn - 2 minutes (recommended)
Snapchat - 10 seconds
Pinterest - 15 seconds (recommended)

Can I pay more to create videos that are longer than 5 minutes?

No, Lumen5 videos are limited to 5 minutes long, regardless of your subscription level.

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