Lumen5 is the best tool for creating short, sharable, thumb-stopping videos for social media. The optimal length for social media videos is getting shorter and shorter. Audiences are becoming more and more impatient, meaning you have very little time to tell your story before the viewer will tap or swipe to the next piece of content in their feed.

Lumen5 Global Time Limit

The maximum length of a Lumen5 video is five minutes. Many platforms require that your video be even shorter than this. And even when longer videos are possible, it is generally preferred to err on the side of shorter videos. Many social media experts recommend your videos be no longer than 30 seconds for best engagement.

Social Format Time Limits

If you choose to make a video for a social format where the maximum time is less than 5 minutes, we will prevent you from publishing your video. You should then shorten your video to meet the time maximums of the social format you've chosen, or you can change the social format to another one from the Format tab.

Instagram Feed - 60 seconds maximum
Instagram Story - 15 seconds (Instagram will split longer videos into multiple 15 second fragments)
Twitter - 30 seconds (recommended), 2 minutes and 20 seconds maximum
Facebook Feed - 2 minutes maximum (recommended)
Facebook Story  - 15 seconds
LinkedIn - 2 minute (recommended)
Snapchat - 10 seconds
Pinterest - 15 seconds (recommended)

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