From the drop-down menu in the top right menu you can access your personal video channel:

Your channel is a one-stop shop for all of your published and public videos, and sharing the link to channel gives you a quick and easy way to share your work with friends, colleagues, and your audience.

Under Channel Settings, you can change the privacy of your channel. Private means only you and members of your workspace can see it (if you're on an Enteprise plan). When it is set to Unlisted, only people with the channel's unique URL can access it, and, when it is Public, anyone from the internet can search for and watch your videos.

You can change your privacy settings, as well as your channel name, anytime! 

Note: At the moment, your deleted videos will also appear on your channel. If you would like to remove those, you can set the videos' privacy to public, and they won't be listed on your channel. 

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