Note: Voiceover is currently in beta, so we'd love your feedback! Please let us know about your experience here.

Add a little personality to your video by recording your voice. Here's how to do it!

Step 1: Click Add Voiceover.

We recommend that you record your voiceover as the final step in creating your video. That way you can match the voice to each scene that you've created.

Step 2: Grant Permission

We will need to access your microphone in order for you to record your voice, so when prompted, click Accept.

Step 3: Record your voice

When you're ready, click the record button. We'll count down from 3 to give you a few seconds to get ready.

Your video will play as you're recording so that you can time it with your video.

The recording will end automatically at the end of the video. Click Apply to add the recording to your video.

How can I slow down my video?

It can be tricky to get in everything you want to say before the scene changes! For square and landscape videos, you can set the speed to Slow, which will extend each scene by a second or so.

I made a mistake! What do I do?

It happens! The good news is you can do as many takes as you need. If you haven't finished your take but you want to start over, click Stop and Preview and then click Retake Recording.

What happens if I change the length of the video after I record my voiceover?

If you remove scenes or otherwise make your video shorter, then the voiceover may cut off abruptly.

If you make the video longer, then the voiceover will end before your video has concluded.

We recommend doing the voiceover as the final step in creating your video.

Can I have both voiceover and music?

Absolutely! You can choose any music track from the Music tab. If you have a voiceover in your video, we'll make the music quieter so that you can hear it.

Can I remove the voiceover entirely?

Yes! If you're not currently in the voiceover window, click Edit Voiceover, then click Retake Recording. Instead of doing another recording, click the big X button at the top right hand corner to close the voiceover window.

If you come back into your video later, you can remove the voiceover by going into the Music tab and clicking on the "x" in the corner of the selected audio track.

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