What are projects?

We’ve heard from users for a long time that they want a better way to organize their videos, so we’ve made that happen. Projects work like folders and provide you with a handy way to organize your video content.

Can videos be moved between projects?

Yes. You can create videos inside a project, move videos in and out of projects, and transfer videos from one project to another to keep things organized.

What is shown in "All Videos"?

The All Videos section is just what it sounds like: all your videos in one place! This includes any videos inside a project and any videos that aren’t in a project — which is similar to how your dashboard looked before we introduced this feature.

What happens when I delete a project?

Deleting a project will not delete the videos inside the project. Videos that were in a project that was deleted will still be available in "All Videos".

How does the "Create Video" tile work?

If you click "Create Video" in All Videos, you’ll make an unsorted video that doesn’t live inside any of your projects. If you click "Create Video" while viewing a project, the video will automatically be sorted into that project. You can move your video into another project at any time, so don’t panic if you create a video in the wrong project by mistake!

Are workspaces still available?

Yes! Workspaces aren’t going anywhere.

Are uploads shared across projects?

Yes. All uploaded media within a workspace will be available to any video, regardless of which project they're in.

Are saved templates shared across projects?

Yes. All saved templates within the workspace are available to all videos, regardless of which project they're in.

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