Over the coming weeks a lot of exciting stuff will be changing inside Lumen5 and we can’t wait for you to see it. Before we roll out these changes, however, the start from media option will be retired for all users come the end of February. But don’t worry! You can still upload all of your media content into the creator and we’ll show you how if you continue reading.

Why are we doing this? There are a few reasons:

  • In a couple of weeks we will be simplifying the video creation flow. These changes will let you use a blog post, a script, or your media - all within the video creator.

  • We’re giving you more choice. These changes will allow you to make your video using media, a template, and text content, or none of the above! It will be even easier to combine all of these elements once these changes are implemented.

  • Uploading media from the start page works a little differently than uploading media inside the creator, which means it’s an additional element for our engineers to maintain. Removing this option allows our engineers to focus on making Lumen5 even better and faster for our users.

Questions? We've got answers:

How do I upload media into Lumen5?

You can upload media right into the creator. The Media tab on the left side has a section for Uploads. Anything that you upload will live there, and you can upload new content at any time. For more information on how that works, check out this post.

How do I start a video now if I don't have a script or article link?

You can skip past the step that ask for text content if you don't have any! Once you've selected a template, look for the Skip This Step button in the top right corner. Click there, and you'll be taken to the format selection page. After you select your format, the creator will load and you can upload your media into the Media tab to begin.

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