Brand kits are a way for you to stay on-brand across your videos and across your team. In addition, you can access multiple brand kits for use in different contexts.

Note: Brand Kits are available for the Premium Plan and beyond.

Setting Up Brand Kits

To get started, go to your dashboard > Brand Kits. You will then be on the main screen. Click the + icon, and you will see the below.

Brand Kits include the following:

  • Colors: Brand Colors and Neutral Colors are available. The Neutral Colors are there to act as a foundation for the normally brighter brand colors. If you do not have a large palette, don't worry. Lumen5's AI can give you a helping hand once you start using the brand.

  • Fonts: Primary and Secondary fonts are available. To get started, select one from the dropdown list. You can also upload a custom font (TTF) file. To do that, select the arrow next to the font.

For Business users & above:

  • Watermark: You can use this as a subtle brand touchpoint on all of your videos. Click on Upload to get your file. Transparent PNGs are recommended.

After the changes are complete, click the Save Brand button at the top. Note: Administrators also have the opportunity to share the brand across the team.

Selecting a Brand Kit

Now that you have your brand kit, you can apply it. After you have created a video and selected a template, you can click on Style.

You can then select the relevant brand kit from the dropdown at the top.

When moving between brand kits, sometimes you have to shuffle the colors. If that is the case, click on your video and select Shuffle Colors. You can then cycle through the colors until it is right for you.

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