You can now create folders for your media uploads for easy access to your picture and video files every time you create a video with Lumen5.

You can already add tags to media uploads to help search your files, and with Folders you can organize your media so that finding the right one when you need it is even easier!

Creating a Folder

Folders can be created from the Media Uploads tab directly, or when uploading new media files.

To create a folder from the Media Uploads tab, click on + New Folder under the Folders header, enter a name, and click Create Folder.

Create a folder pop up window

To create a folder when uploading media to your account, start typing the folder name in the ‘Upload to’ field and click on the Create option from the dropdown.

You can also select an existing folder from this screen.

Folders live at the Workspace level, so all users in that workspace will be able to view and interact with folders and the media within them for the entire workspace.

Both Admin and Editor users can Create, Edit, and Delete folders, even folders made by other users.

Deleting folders

Deleting a folder will also delete all the media files in the folder. A warning message will appear on screen when you are attempting to delete a folder with media.

Moving media between folders

You can move your media from one folder to another by clicking on the button with the three dots to the right of your image or video.

Media uploaded without a folder will appear below your folders in the Uploads tab.

If you’d like help organizing your existing media files, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or email [email protected].

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