Never fear! The format selection page looks a little different, but your videos are still available in all the formats you know and love.

Select a format while you're previewing your template

Previously, the format page had options listed out for the most popular social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Some of these were pretty redundant: the landscape format for Facebook is no different than the landscape format for Instagram, for example.

To simplify the experience and remove those unnecessary duplicates, we've made some changes! The format selection modal will pop up once you've picked a template and show you the option to select between landscape (16:9 ratio), square (1:1 ratio), or vertical (9:16 ratio) formats. The final option is a vertical (9:16) format that will render each scene in your video individually, so you can post them on your Facebook or Instagram story for viewers to tap through. More about the story format here.

You can still change a video's format at any time, so don't stress if you make the wrong choice on this screen.

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