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Recording a talking head video

Don't have video content to upload, but want to make a talking head video? You can record yourself right in Lumen5 using your webcam! This makes it even easier to create compelling talking head videos, without ever leaving the video creator.

Prepping to record

To record your video, click on the large green + button to add a scene, and look for the scene design labelled Record yourself:

Clicking on that scene design will open up a window where you can record your footage:

To make sure you're capturing audio and video from the right place, click on the settings icon in the top right to select your mic and camera:

Recording your video
Once everything is all set, you're ready to record! We'll give a 3 second countdown when you press Start recording to make sure that you're camera ready. If you have a script or notes you'd like to read from, you can use the prompter to display the text in real-time while you're recording.

If you're done recording or if you need to take a break, click Pause. You can also use your space bar to pause.

Once your recording is paused, you'll see options to erase the recording and retake it, resume recording, or finish recording. This way you can redo any parts that weren't quite right, or start over completely if you need to.

Uploading your recording

When your recording is finished and you click on Finish recording, you'll see a preview of your video. You can watch it back to make sure everything is just right, and either retake or upload your recording.

When your recording is uploaded a few things will happen:

A scene will be created with your footage on it
We'll generate captions & a transcript
The recording will be uploaded to your Media library in the Uploads section

The first time you upload a recording, we'll automatically create a folder titled "Recordings" for you, and any recordings that you do will live there.

Editing your recording

If you need to trim your recording to eliminate any awkward pauses or stutters at the beginning or end, you can do that just like you trim any other video. You can also add captions, overlays, and your own personal touch to your recording to complete the video.

Updated on: 02/12/2022

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