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Using AI to compose a video script

To turn your text into a video, first select your template and format and then choose the Text on media or AI voiceover option, depending on whether you need a voiceover track generated or not.

After that, you'll be taken to the AI script composer. There are a few ways you might import your text content into Lumen5: you can import a URL, upload a PDF, paste text directly in, or outline an idea for the AI and have it generate a script for you.

Importing a blog post or news article

Copy a link to the post you want to use and paste it into the URL bar, then click Import. Your article will appear in the space below after just a few moments. From there you can edit the text, upload or delete images, reorder the structure, or delete sections that you don’t need in your video.

The Import function can pull content from public websites like blogs and news articles, but it can't gain access to private pages like social media sites or password protected blogs, word processing applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, or cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox.

Don’t have a public link to import? You can copy and paste the actual text you'd like to use right into the text box! Once it’s there, the same rules apply: you can edit the text to make sure it’s perfect before letting the AI summarize it.

Upload a document

Drag and drop or select the PDF, PowerPoint, or text document you'd like to upload. Our bots will scrape all of the text content and images from your file, and you'll see it appear in the box below. From there you can edit the text, upload or delete images, reorder the structure, or delete sections that you don’t need in your video.

Note: Our bot will scrape content from your files and help you transform it into a compelling video, but it's not possible to copy a PowerPoint scene for scene into a Lumen5 video.

To summarize, or not to summarize? (that is the question)

Once we have ahold of your text content, there are 2 options to transform it into a video. You can Continue to summarize the content with AI, or Skip and use all sentences if you don't want to use a summary:

Skip and use all sentences

Choosing to skip and use all sentences means that the AI won’t summarize your text at all. Instead, we’ll create a scene for every sentence up to a maximum of 40 scenes. Clicking on this option will take you directly into the creator, and scenes will begin appearing immediately.

Outline an idea

If you don't have a full video script, the AI can help you write one! Choose Outline an idea and you'll see a few fields to fill out: What your video will be about, what your video is for (who is the audience, or what is the purpose?), and a few boxes for key things to make reference to. The AI requires that you include at least 3 details here, but you can always click on Add more details to expand further.

Once you've entered those details, click ✨Compose script to be taken to the script composer

✨ Script Composer

Once you click Continue or Compose script, you’ll see our script composer! This is the ✨AI magic✨ part.

The main part of your screen will show you the script our AI has composed from your source text. At the bottom you'll see an estimate for how long the video will be, and along the side is where you can start tinkering! The first script you see will match the tone of your content, but you can adjust the title, tone, length, and provide the AI specific instructions using the side menu. Click on the top dropdown menu to select the approximate length of your video, and the one below to pick a tone or mood for the AI to emulate in the script. Click on Recompose to watch your altered script be written right in front of you! You can adjust these parameters as many times as you need to in order to make sure the script is perfect.

Once you're happy with your script, just click ✨ Convert to video! The AI will create scenes for each section of the script by selecting designs and relevant videos and images from the stock media library.

Where does my text go?

The content from your original source will appear in the Source tab along the bottom left of the video creator. The text can’t be edited in this tab, but you can add new scenes using the text or reference it while you’re editing your video:

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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