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How do I select a template & start creating a video in Lumen5?

When you click 'New Video' from the dashboard, you'll see the templates page.

This page shows you all of the templates in our library — and there are a lot! Take your time here to pick the one that speaks to you because you won't be able to change this later. You'll see your most recently used templates at the top of the templates page for easy reference. You'll also see your saved templates available at the top of this page.

You can hover your mouse over each template to preview, or click on the Preview button to see the preview in a pop-up modal.

Once you've picked the template that makes your heart sing, select the aspect ratio you need! You'll see options for all of the most common formats: landscape 16:9, square 1:1, & vertical 9:16. Don't stress too much: you can change the format later if you need to.

Not sure which format to pick? More information here.

Once you’ve picked a format, it's time to decide how to begin your video!

Select Text on media to use our AI script composer. This will summarize your imported text content and give you several script options that we will then use to craft your video.

If you want to use your text content and have an AI voiceover generated for you, click on AI Voiceover.

Already have a voiceover file? Click on Voiceover to upload your audio file and watch as our AI builds a video on top of it.

Got a media clip with narration you want to build scenes on? Click Talking Head and the narration becomes the backbone for the visuals of your video.

Don't have text content? Click on Create a video from scratch to jump straight into the video creator and start your video using media or one of our hundreds of scene designs.

Still have questions? We've got answers:

Reach out to our Support team here.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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