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Adding tags to media uploads

You can add tags to your video and image uploads to make it easier to find them later on. Tags that you add to your uploads are indexed so that you can search keywords to track down your media later. We recommend you add tags for things like the name of the speaker, the location of the event, or the topic of the media clip.

To add tags, click on the i icon in the upper right corner of an uploaded video or image. Then, add tags in the tag field by typing them in and hitting Enter after each tag. You can remove tags by clicking on the red x on them.

You can also add tags when you're uploading media! Look for the tags section on the right side of the upload modal and enter your tags:

Any tags that you enter in this section will get applied to all of the media that you're uploading at that time, so be mindful that all of your tags apply to all of the media you're uploading, or upload it in separate batches to add separate tags.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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