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Lumen5 has a collection of icons that can be used to enhance your videos. Icons are fantastic for representing ideas, concepts, and objects. They make for a nice break from stock media, adding variety to your videos.

Adding icons to scenes:

To use icons, open the "Icons" tab on the left hand side.

You can drag and drop an icon on to an existing scene to replace the icon or media, or drop it between two existing scenes to create a new scene with the icon. This works much the same as media from the stock library does!

We have special scene designs to support icons. If you drag an icon to a scene that doesn't support icons, we'll automatically swap you to a design that does.

To see all of our available icon scenes, click the big green new scene button, and then scroll down to the section called Icons. Here you can see and choose an icon scene design:

Most of our templates have 2-4 icon scene designs available, but some older templates don't support icons. If that's the case, you'll need to create a new video using a more recent template if you'd like to use icons.

Some scene designs have space for more than one icon! That works the same as adding multiple images or videos to a scene.

Changing icon colors:

Some icons will have a single color, while others may have multiple! You can change the color of your icon by clicking on it, then clicking on the menu that appears at the top of the scene:

The menu will show you which colors are currently applied to your icons and give you the option to change them. Icon colors refer to the colors that are currently in use on the icons. Below that, you'll see all of the brand colors from the Style tab, along with a button to add a whole new color:

To change a color, click on it in the Icon colors section. Once it's selected, choose from your brand colors, or open the color selector to create a new color! You can drag and drop the gradients to find the perfect shade, or swap between a HEX, RGB, or HSL value by clicking on that label. Inputting those values into the right boxes will match your perfect brand colors! Watch all that happen here:

The last thing you'll see in the color selector is a small dropper icon. Clicking on that lets you easily identify the color of anything on your current screen and apply it to your icon! This makes it easy to match an image, your logo, text or any other visual element, even if you don't know the precise color code.

When you click on the dropper icon, your mouse will turn into a larger circle that displays the color being detected based on where your mouse is. It kind of looks like a magnifying glass! Move that circle to the element whose color you want to copy, and make sure it looks right and fills the entire circle. Once you've found the right shade, just click to apply it to your icon!

(This video is using the color dropper to change the text color, but it works the same way for icons!)
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