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Creating & using Saved Templates

Note: Multiple saved templates are available for users on the Professional plan and above.

Saved templates can be used to easily apply a set of customizations for a specific brand. For example, if you're creating videos for multiple clients, then you'll want to setup a separate saved template for each of them.

You'll find a link to the Saved templates page from your dashboard. From here, you can modify an existing template, or create a new one:

Creating a new saved template

Choose a base template

The first thing you'll need to do is select a standard template to use as a base for your saved template. You can hover your mouse over each template to preview, and clicking on the template will select it and bring you to the next step. When choosing a base template, it's best to focus on the text animations, transitions, scene designs and overall feel, rather than the fonts and colors, as those will be customized later. 

Once you've picked the template that makes your heart sing, you'll select a format. Your best bet is to select the aspect ratio you use most often, but don't worry: you can change this at any time once you're editing your video. After you confirm the format, you’ll be taken to the creator.

This page shows the same settings you see when creating a video, which you can select and save. This means you can set colors, fonts, music, specific scene designs, or even save instructions for creating a video inside the Story tab. Anything that you can edit inside a video can be saved!

You'll see this warning at the top, to make sure you know that you're editing a saved template and not a video:

Now, set your appearance settings!

Note: templates don't auto-save like videos do, so be sure to click Save before you leave the page!

Head to the Style tab to choose your overall appearance settings.

The watermark is the logo you'll see in one of the corners of your Lumen5 videos. Generally, watermarks work best when they're a square or squat rectangle in shape. You can upload your logo here, and choose the opacity and positioning using the dropdown menus. Alternatively, you can toggle the green button to not display a watermarked logo.

If you have a brand specific Font, you can upload this to your saved template. This guide can help you through it. 

When choosing colors, you can click a palette to select a starting point, and then click individual colours to edit them.

You'll have the option to enter the hex code of your brand specific colors, or you can use the colour gradient to fine tune your selection.

Set music:
You can select music for your saved template the same way you do with a video, just head to the music tab!

Set Story tab instructions
If you want to leave notes, frequently used text, or video creation instructions, you can do that in the Story tab! Anything that's typed here and saved to the template will appear in the Story tab when you create a video using this template.

Set up scenes:

Now that your overall video settings are complete, you can start building a video skeleton! Create any scenes you like to add some structure to your video. You can arrange those in the order that works for your content, and make any changes to your scenes that you'd like. You can edit the colors on individual scenes, add media, subscenes, change the font, or adjust timing. Any scenes that you create will load with your saved template when you apply it to a video later. You can use this to lay out some general structure, include different scene types as examples, or set up an entirely complete video that just needs minor changes- depends what works best for you!

Finally, create your outro by uploading your logo and a call to action. You can also turn this off if you don't need an outro for your videos.

Saving your template
Once you're happy with all your settings, give your template a name and save it! The template name is in the top left corner- just click in to edit it. Your best bet is to choose a descriptive name, or something that clearly communicates which template this is. Once you're happy with that, look for a Save template button in the top right corner, where the Publish button usually is. Clicking on this ensures your template will be saved, and you can navigate away from this page if you're finished.

Note: templates don't auto-save like videos do, so be sure to click Save before you leave the page!

Saving an existing video as a template

If you love a video that you've already created and want to use it as a template for future videos, you have that option! To do that, load the video creator and then look for the 3 vertical dot menu in the top right, next to the Publish button. Clicking there will open a menu that has an option to save the current video as a template:

Once you save that, it will appear on the Saved Templates page and you can edit the template in the future, if you need to.

Using your saved template

Once you've created a saved template, you'll be able to apply it from the templates page when you create a new video:

Everything that you saved as part of the template will populate once your video loads: text in the Story tab, scenes that were created, colors from the Style tab, a music track, an outro, watermark, and anything else that was selected. From here you can create your video as usual, with a little extra structure!

Updated on: 18/07/2022

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