Note: Advanced styling options are only available on the Premium plan and above.
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By default, the colors in your video will reflect the palette from the template that you've chosen. On the Premium plan and above, you can pick your own!

When choosing colors, you can select a color palette as a starting point, and then click into individual colors to enter the hex code of your desired color or play around with the colour gradient sliders.

Once you're happy with your color palette, there are a few ways to change how colors are applied in your scenes.

Changing colors by changing the scene design:

Open the scene selector by clicking on Swap design:

Once the selector opens, you'll see several options for how your media and text are laid out, and different combinations of your color palette applied to the elements on the scene:

Changing colors by using the shuffle button:

If you're happy with how your scene looks but you want your text, highlight, or background to be a different color, the shuffle color button is your best bet! Just click on it and watch as your scene transforms:

Changing just the text or highlight color:

If you like your background colors but you want your text to be a different color, you can do that! First, click in to edit your text. Then, click either the text or highlight color editor to see your palette colors and select one of them:

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