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Brand Kits

Note: Brand Kits are available for the Premium subscription and beyond.

Brand kits make it easy to bring your brand colors and watermark into any template with just a click!

Setting Up Brand Kits

To get started, go to your dashboard and click Brand Kits in the left side menu. When you get to the homepage, click New Brand +, and you will see this:

Brand Kits include the following:

Colors: There are 2 sections for color: Brand Colors and Neutral Colors. Neutral colors are there to act as a foundation for the typically bolder brand colors. If you don't have a large palette, don't worry! We'll fill in any gaps and make sure the colors are applied in the best way.

Fonts: Primary and Secondary fonts are available. Generally the Primary font will appear in the top text box on a scene, and the secondary in the lower text box. That said, you can toggle between these 2 options for every scene as well. To get started, select one from the dropdown list. If you're on the Business plan, you can also upload a custom font (TTF) file. To do that, select the arrow next to the font and upload the file from the modal that appears. Once the font is uploaded, it'll appear in the dropdown list for you to select.

For Business users & above:

Watermark: You can use this as a subtle brand touchpoint on all of your videos. Click on Upload to get your file. More about uploading watermarks here.

After the changes are complete, click the Save Brand button at the top.

On team accounts, administrators also have the opportunity to share the brand across the team.


Selecting a Brand Kit

Now that you have your brand kit, you can apply it! After you have created a video and selected a template, you can click on Style.

You can then select the relevant brand kit from the dropdown at the top.

Once your Brand Kit has been applied, you'll see your color palette and fonts change to reflect the kit! You can also swap in any of the colours from the brand kit into your template as needed. Click on an individual color to edit it, and you'll see that all the colors from your brand kit are displayed at the top of the color editing menu:

Once you're happy with your palette, you can edit your video as usual!

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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