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How do I select a scene design?

You can select a new scene design for any scene by clicking on the Swap Scene Design button, located on the right of your scene:

When you create a new scene by clicking on the green Add scene button, the scene selector comes up automatically! You can preview all of your options inside the selector, and click on a design to apply it to the scene in focus.

You can swap the design as many times as you want until you find the perfect fit!

Once you’re happy with your choice, add text and media. Your design will stay put, and you can edit your text, timing, media, and add subscenes to make your video beautiful.

We recommend choosing a scene design before adding content, because that will give you the most variety. You can still change your scene design after you've added text or media, but you'll only see the designs that are compatible with the content you've added to your scene. For example: if a scene design has 2 text boxes and 2 images, we'll only show you other scene designs that support 2 text boxes and 2 images, and a design that only supports 1 image would not appear in the selector.

If you decide you want an entirely new scene design with different elements, just create a new scene! The scene selector for this new scene will show you all of the options available, and you'll be able to add your content afterwards.


How is the scene selector different from the Layouts tab?

The biggest difference between the Layouts tab and the scene selector is that the scene selector is triggered automatically when you add a new scene.

The other change is that we have more scene designs! This changes the logic for selecting scene designs a little, and means that you may see fewer design options if you add text or media to your scenes and then select a design afterwards. This is because some designs can’t be transformed into other designs without losing your content, so we'll only show you designs that have the same basic structure to keep your content intact. If you decide you want an entirely new scene design, just create a new scene! Then you can choose a new design, add your content, and delete the scene that no longer works for you.

Why did you make this change?

The major advantage to the scene selector is that it’s lightning fast. Previously, the Layouts tab was the slowest element to load inside Lumen5. The scene selector loads instantly when you create a new scene, saving you valuable time.

This change also provides a lot more flexibility inside Lumen5! Now we can introduce scene designs that have text in multiple locations, more than 1 picture or video on a scene, and other fun background elements. This also means we can build more templates, giving you even more variety with your videos. Stay tuned for more updates as we release new templates and designs!

I still have questions or feedback.

No sweat! You can reach us via email or by popping into our chat on the bottom right side of your screen.

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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