Watermark feature is available for users on the [Lumen5 Business Plan](https://lumen5.com/pricing/) and above.

You can upload your logo and use it as a watermark which will appear in the corner throughout your video.

You'll find this option under the Style tab in the Watermark section. You'll also have the ability to adjust the opacity and positioning of the watermark.

Lumen5 is optimized for square or wide logos, so if you have a tall logo, it's best to add some extra space to shape it closer to a square. You can upload a .png, .jpg, .bmp, or .webp file with a minimum resolution 80px by 80px.

For the best outcome, follow these guidelines for uploading your watermark:

Transparent image (PNG)

Minimal padding around the image (unless that padding was added to make the logo more square)

Simple, solid colours (often white works best)

Avoid too many colours and gradients

200px by 200px is the recommended minimum resolution to ensure optimal clarity of the logo
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