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Uploading your logo as a watermark

Watermark feature is available for users on the Professional subscription and above.

You can upload your logo and use it as a watermark which will appear in the corner throughout your video.

You'll find this option under the Style tab in the Watermark section. To begin, toggle the Watermark on. You'll see a place to upload your logo, and you'll be able to adjust the opacity and default positioning of the watermark:

Have several different logo options? You can upload multiple versions! The logo that you select from the dropdown menu in the Style tab will apply to all of the scenes in your video by default, and you can choose a different version for any of your scenes if you need to. This is handy if you have a scene where the background color or media clashes with the logo color, or if you want to mix things up.

To upload another logo option, click on the upload icon next to the logo dropdown menu:

To apply a different version of your logo to a specific scene, click on the watermark on that scene and look for the watermark menu that appears along the top. Clicking on Watermark will bring up a list and you can select which version will be visible on that scene:

You can also remove the watermark from your scene by selecting "No watermark" from this menu.

Finally, you can change the position of your watermark using the position grid! The default position for the watermark will be the corner that is selected in the Style tab, but the position grid on each scene lets you move your watermark to any other corner:

Upload requirements

Lumen5 is optimized for square or wide logos, so if you have a tall logo, it's best to add some extra space to shape it closer to a square. You can upload a .png, .jpg, .bmp, or .webp file with a minimum resolution 80px by 80px.

For the best outcome, follow these guidelines for uploading your watermark:

Transparent image (PNG)

Minimal padding around the image (unless that padding was added to make the logo more square)

Simple, solid colours (often white works best)

Avoid too many colours and gradients

200px by 200px is the recommended minimum resolution to ensure optimal clarity of the logo

Updated on: 11/11/2022

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