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How can I add multiple pictures or videos to a scene?

If you want to put more than 1 image or video on the same scene, you'll need to select a scene design that supports that! You can do that by clicking on "Swap design" on an existing scene, or clicking on the green + button on the canvas to create a new scene. You'll see the scene selection screen open, and you'll want to look for scenes under the "Collage" heading.

Most templates will have scene designs with spots for 2, 3, or 4 pieces of media. Once you've selected one of those, it's time to add your content!

You have 2 options to add media to your scenes:

You can drag and drop it into the correct spot on the canvas. Be sure to look for the green "drop zone" to be sure that you're applying your media to the right spot:

You can click on the media on your scene that you want to replace, and then click on a piece of media from the library to apply it:

To trim, crop, or adjust the brightness of one of the images or videos, just click on the one you'd like to edit! The media controls will appear at the top of the scene, much like the text editing controls do. The media that's being edited will be outlined in teal, like so:

Updated on: 22/06/2022

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