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Images, videos, GIFs, and audio tracks are sometimes only licensed for use in non-commercial, or editorial, videos.

That leads to the obvious question: is my video commercial or editorial? The best way to answer that is to ask yourself: "What is the purpose of my video?"

If you're creating videos to sell a product or service (an ad), it's a commercial video and you cannot use editorial-only media files.

On the other hand, if you're creating videos to report on a news story, to share a poem, an update, or to educate or inform, that is considered editorial usage and you can use editorial-only media files. As long as the video uses the media to present educational or factual information, that is a valid use under the editorial license. This is true even if you are a business.

NOTE: Simply adding a call-to-action or your company's branding to a video does not necessarily make it a commercial video! Branded videos can still be editorial as long as the content of the video itself isn't promoting a product or service.
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