In most cases, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok should give you an option to "proceed" or "post anyway", and this is because they acknowledge that they often get a lot of false positives on their automated copyright detection.

Rest assured, you're safe to post the video!

Social platforms use automated algorithms to detect whether music sounds like other music, but they're often wrong. Our media library consists only music from the creative commons and licensed music from StoryBlocks, which have been pre-vetted by Google to ensure copyright-free status.

If you're curious to learn more about how and why these false positives happen, here's an example:

This is "Not As It Seems", a copyright-free track from Kevin MacLeod:

And here is "Better Repent", a copyrighted track from Sound Cloup:

You can hear in the above example that "Better Repent" uses a small part of "Not As It Seems" as a mashup for their intro, but beyond that nothing sounds the same.

Auto-detection algorithms picks up on the similarities and asks you for confirmation on the copyright status of your post. This is why the false positives happen, and also why it's fully safe to proceed with posting it.

If for some reason the platform is not allowing you to post the video or force-muting the video, you can  edit the video on Lumen5 and choose a different soundtrack.
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