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Animated Captions

Step 1: Create a video

Animated captions are a special type of overlay that automatically time the words on screen to appear as they are spoken. To use animated captions, you'll first need to create a video with a voiceover or talking head scene.

Step 2: Create or select an overlay

Voiceover videos will have overlays generated automatically and you can change the scene design on any scene by clicking "Swap design" and then scrolling to find the animated captions option:

For talking head videos, you'll need to create the overlay first. When choosing a scene design for your overlay, look for the animated captions options to apply this type of scene design to your overlay.

Step 3: Edit your animated captions

To edit the text that appears in your animated captions, click on the word(s) you'd like to edit in the transcript and then click "Edit". Editing the text in the transcript will automatically update your animated captions!

To update the style of your animated captions, click on the text on your scene. You'll see a text editing menu appear at the top of your scene that allows you to change the text size, font, and color:

Note: Using an animated captions scene will turn off your smaller captions by default! You can turn those back on using the toggle inside the transcript.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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