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Adding overlay scenes from the transcript

To add an overlay, click and drag to select the words in the transcript that correspond to the section of the video where you’d like your overlay to appear.

Once you’ve selected when you’d like the overlay to appear, click Add. You’ll be prompted to select the scene design you’d like to add.

You’ll see that a new scene appears and there’s a blue highlight on top of the words in the transcript where the overlay has been added. You can add as many overlays as you need to to tell your story! Additional overlays will appear below your scene in chronological order, and you’ll see numbers in the transcript to indicate where each overlay begins and ends. You can click on the highlighted text inside the transcript to navigate around.

You can click right on the scene to edit text, change an icon color, or drag and drop from the media or icon library to change the image or icon on the scene.

More about adjusting timing of overlay scenes here.

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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