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Can I use third party content for my videos?

We definitely recommend thoughtful precaution when working with third party content.

There are different types of content out there. News articles or industry events are great content sources that you can safely use. Facts, news stories, and public announcements are considered knowledge within the public domain, and can also be safely used! Reports of world news is an example where nobody owns the rights to something that's happening in the world, so there's no issue with using that content to create a video. As as another example: if Facebook announces a new feature, that's a public announcement and the content of the announcement is not proprietary.

We do not recommend using someone else's hand-crafted opinion-based writing or research findings, at least not without explicitly crediting the author! Lumen5 gives you a lot of flexibility to edit your content, so you can add your own commentary or apply your own angle. Like other forms of art, using something as inspiration is fine as long as you're introducing new value to the narrative while crediting the source where necessary.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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