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Downloading Stories

The first step to downloading your Instagram Story is to publish it!

We will automatically download your video to the Downloads folder on your computer once it's ready.

If you navigate away from the Share page, you can still download the story from the dashboard.

If you created a video with the Vertical format, you'll receive a single MP4 file.

However, if you created a video in the Story format, you'll instead receive a ZIP file. Opening this file will reveal separate videos, one for each scene in your story.

What do I do next?

Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp don't support posting to Stories from a desktop computer. The next step is to transfer your story to your phone to post on Instagram. We have handy guides for how to transfer Stories to your phone, both for Mac and PC! Check that out here:

How to transfer my Story to my mobile device 📲

Why did I get a zip file with multiple videos?

Viewers of Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere, expect to be able to tap between scenes. 

When you choose a Story format, we will publish each scene as a separate video, so that you can create an Instagram or Facebook Story made up of multiple scenes. That will allow viewers to tap between scenes in your story at their own pace. You can learn more about that here.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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