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Watermarks in Stories

People on the Business plan and above are able to upload an image to use as a watermark. 

Watermarks don't work well with Stories, so they are disabled by default. We don't recommend that you enable watermarks when you create Stories. Here's why.

Stories are already watermarked

Both Instagram and Facebook show your brand name and logo at the top left of Stories. This is always visible, it doesn't automatically hide after a few seconds, nor can it be disabled or hidden manually.

Having your own watermark embedded into the Story would be redundant, and detract viewers from the content of your Story.

Stories are cropped inconsistently

Facebook and Instagram recommend that you don't put anything important in the top and bottom 14% of your video, which works out to 250 pixels at both the top and bottom of your video. In other words, the top and bottom 250 pixels of your video are a buffer reserved by Facebook and Instagram.

For small devices, they may crop parts of the top and/or bottom of the video to fit the display. They will also overlay their own controls on top of the video.

**Click here to learn more from Facebook's Guidelines**

If you enable a watermark in Lumen5, it will be placed 250 pixels away from the top of the video, to avoid it being cropped on some devices. However, on large screen devices that Instagram and Facebook don't crop, the placement of the watermark will look unusual.

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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