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FAQ: New Voiceover vs. legacy voiceover recording

For more about uploading or recording a voiceover and building a video, click here.

For a how-to on creating an AI voiceover video, click here.

For more about how legacy voiceover recording works, click here.

How is the new version different from the legacy version?

This new version of voiceover allows you to upload or record a voiceover at the beginning of the creation process, and then our AI will automatically generate a transcript and layer video scenes on top. The voiceover happens first, and a video is built on top with the help of AI.

The legacy tool requires that you create all of your video scenes first, and then record a voiceover for the entire thing as a final step.

Note: the legacy version will only be available through the end of 2023 for accounts that have already accessed it.

Can I use an AI voiceover?

Yes! Users with the new version of voiceover will see an AI voiceover option when they first begin creating a video:

What if I don't like the new voiceover tool and want to go back to the legacy version?

To access the legacy voiceover recording experience, go to your Account settings and make sure the Voiceover beta toggle is in "off" position (shown below):

Why don't I have the "Experimental features" section in my account settings?

If you don't see that section in your settings it means that you already have the new version of voiceover! Some accounts were automatically selected to give this feature a try, and those accounts won't see the toggle in their settings. If you wish to use the legacy voiceover version instead, contact Support to let us know.

What happens to videos that I made previously with the legacy voiceover tool?

Those videos are still available in your account! You can download them from your dashboard anytime. If you want to edit videos with a legacy voiceover, you'll need to turn off the new voiceover feature in order to load the creator.

I'm still confused.

Fair enough! Click on "Contact Support" from your profile menu or shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll help you out.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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