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How to create a Voiceover video

To create an AI voiceover video, first select your template and format and then choose the Voiceover option.

Uploading or recording a voiceover

You can upload a voiceover that's already been recorded, or record a new voiceover:

Uploading a voiceover

You can upload a voiceover in an MP3, WAV, or M4A format and add tags to it:

Recording a voiceover

Click Start recording to begin recording. If you're finished, you've made a mistake, or you need a breather, click Pause. You'll see the option to resume recording, retake the recording from the beginning, or finish the recording:

Creating overlays

Once your upload or voiceover recording is complete, we'll generate a transcript of the voiceover and automatically create a video for you. Voiceover videos use the transcript as a timeline for the video, with video scenes called overlays placed on top. You can edit overlays just like you do normal scenes: just click on the overlay and edit the text or media right on the scene.

You can click here for more about editing overlay duration and using the transcript to navigate your video.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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