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How to create an AI Voiceover video

To create an AI voiceover video, first select your template and format and then choose the AI Voiceover option.

Step 1: Add content

You can import text from a news article or blog post, or copy and paste it directly into the editable window :

Step 2: Compose your video script (with AI or without)

There are 2 options to transform your text into a video. You can Continue with AI to use the script composer and summarize your content, or Skip and use all sentences if you want to use your text exactly as written:

If you continue with AI, you'll see the script composer that will summarize your content into the length and tone that you choose from the sidebar. More about how that works here.

Step 3: Edit and apply the AI voiceover:

The AI voiceover can't be changed once the video has been converted, so make any edits on this screen to ensure an accurate voiceover is generated for you.

Each block on this page will be turned into a scene in your video. You can click on the Play button in each block to preview the AI voiceover:

To change your script content, just click on the text you want to change and type as usual.

To add or delete a scene, click on the vertical 3 dots in each block to show those options:

Don't love the voice? You can change it! Click on the microphone icon in the top left corner and a modal pops up where you can preview and select a new voice:

Use the play button to preview a voice, then click Apply to use it:

Not all voices are available on all subscriptions. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Step 4: Convert to video

Convert to video is the final step of creating your AI voiceover. Click ✨ Convert to video and watch as a video is generated to match the AI voiceover script you created.

Your original text will appear in the Source tab for your reference:

Step 5: Editing your video

AI voiceover videos use a transcript of the voiceover as the timeline for the video with scenes called overlays placed on top. You can click here for more about editing overlays and using the transcript to navigate your video.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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