You can check out a video walking you through the process here or read on for a text explanation below.

When you click 'New Video' from the dashboard, you'll see the templates page.

This page shows you all of the templates in our library — and there are a lot! Take your time here to pick the one that speaks to you because you won't be able to change this later.

You can hover your mouse over each template to preview, and clicking on the template will select it and bring you to the next step.

Once you've picked the template that makes your heart sing, you'll select a format. This allows you to select the aspect ratio that works for you, depending on where you'll share your video. Don't worry, though; you can change this at any time once you're editing your video.

Once you’ve picked a format you’ll be taken to the creator. The option to enter a blog link or paste some text is inside the Story tab on the left. Content that you enter here is what our AI will read and use to generate a video for you.

To use a blog post or article, copy a link to the post you want to use and paste it into the bar at the top of the Story tab. Then click Import. Your article will appear in the Story tab after just a few moments. From here you can edit the text, reorder the structure, or delete sections that you don’t need in your video.

To use a script or other text that doesn’t have a link, you can copy and paste the text directly into the Story tab. Once it’s there, the same rules apply; you can edit the text to make sure it’s perfect before converting it to a video.

Once you’re happy with your text content, just press convert to video. Our AI will read the text, generate scenes based on the key points, and choose some relevant media for your scenes from the article and our stock library.

Still have questions? We've got answers:

Where is the option to paste a blog link to create a video?

This process happens inside the creator. Simply copy and paste your link into the bar at the top of the Story tab, then click Import. You can edit the text before the video gets generated to ensure our AI pays attention to the parts of your text that matter to you. You can delete sections that aren’t relevant, add additional comments into the text, and reorganize your content within the Story tab before your video is even generated. Once you’re happy with the article, click Convert to video and watch our AI magic at work.

How do I use a script or copy and paste text to create a video?

This happens inside the creator as well. Just copy and paste your text right into the Story tab, make any edits that you need to, and click Convert to video.

How do I make sure I can find my favourite template again easily?

We'll show you your most recently used templates at the top of the templates page for easy reference. You can also create a saved template! Saved templates are built on top of the standard template, and allow you to customize colours, fonts, and your outro, and then save those choices. You'll then see your saved templates available at the top of the template page, right underneath your recently used.

I'm still confused.

That's okay! You can check out further help articles here or reach out to our Support team here.
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