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Legacy voiceover recording

This article contains information about the voiceover recording experience that has been retired as of 2024.

For more about uploading or recording a voiceover and building a video, click here.

For a how-to on creating an AI voiceover video, click here.

How is the current version different from the legacy version?

This current version of voiceover allows you to upload or record a voiceover at the beginning of the creation process, and then our AI will automatically generate a transcript and layer video scenes on top. The voiceover happens first, and a video is built on top with the help of AI.

The legacy tool required that you create all of your video scenes first, and then record a voiceover for the entire thing as a final step.

What happens to videos that I made previously with the legacy voiceover tool?

Those videos are still available in your account! If the video has been published, you can download it from your dashboard or the Share page.

If the video is a draft or you click to edit it, that will remove the old voiceover and you will need to recreate the video using a new voiceover.

I'm still confused.

Fair enough! Click on "Contact Support" from your profile menu or shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll help you out.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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