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Adjusting background music & video clip volume

Background music volume

To adjust the volume of your background music, go to the Music tab and look for the volume control at the top, above your selected music track. You can use the slider or type a number into the box to set the volume. This setting will be applied to all of your scenes:

If you have a scene with a video clip that also has audio, we'll automatically lower the background music volume to 15% for the duration of that scene. If you'd like to adjust this, you can use the volume control that appears next to the scene. You can either click on the +/- icons, or click to type a specific number:

Video clip volume

To adjust the volume of a video clip that you've uploaded, find the scene it's applied to and click directly on the media. You'll see the media controls menu appear at the top of your scene, and the volume slider that appears there can be adjusted to control the volume of your media:

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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