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Commenting in Lumen5

How can I post a comment?

You can post a comment on a video scene inside the creator, or on a preview video if you have the link.

In the creator:

You can leave a comment on a video scene when clicking the icon on the left-hand side of the scene:

Once you've clicked there, you'll see a box pop-up that lets you add a comment:

Just type in your feedback, click Comment, and you're all set!

On a draft video preview:

You can also leave a comment on a video preview. To do this, you'll need a link to the draft video. You can find that by clicking on the Preview button in the top right corner, and copying the link from the pop-up window that appears:

This link will take you to the share page. Anyone with access to the preview link will be able to post a comment that video:

I don't have a Lumen5 account. Can I leave a comment?

Yes! If you don't have Lumen5 account, you can still provide feedback on Lumen5 videos 🙌 . We'll just ask for your name and email so that we can send you an email notification whenever someone mentions you in a comment on that video.

How can I delete a comment?

To delete a comment, simply click on the trash bin icon! You can only delete your own comments, not the comments of other team members (as much as you might want to!)

What do I do if I delete a scene with comments?

If you delete a scene that contains comments, don't worry! You can bring back that scene (along with the attached comments) by clicking the undo button at the top of the creator.

How will I know a teammate has left a comment on my video?

The creator of the video will be notified via an email notification anytime a new comment is posted to the video. Any other user that is mentioned in a comment will also receive an email notification.

Updated on: 19/07/2022

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