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Splitting your voiceover or talking head video

You can split your voiceover or talking head into separate sections or scene groups from the transcript. Once it's been split, you can insert a classic scene without audio or even a talking head clip, unlocking a new way to create dynamic videos.

Splitting the transcript into multiple sections is permanent. Please note you won't be able to merge sections once they've been separated, unless you use the undo button immediately after.

Select the word in the transcript where you’d like to split your script and click Split after selection. The split will occur right after that word, regardless of where it appears in the sentence itself:

Once your transcript has been split, you'll see separate sections in the transcript, with separate drop-down menus for each section. The scenes on the canvas in the middle of the creator will also be split into separate sections:

You can then use the green + button in between those sections to insert another scene(s) in between the sections.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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