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Advanced editor permissions

What are advanced editor permissions?

By default, editors have limited access to branding, projects, and saved templates. As an admin, you can grant an editor additional permissions to some features so they can own more of their workflow. These include:
Create and manage projects in a workspace
Create, edit, and delete saved templates and brand kits
Edit branding elements like watermarks, colors, and fonts

How do I enable advanced permissions for an editor?

First, you'll need to turn on advanced permissions at the workspace level. You can find this toggle under your Workspace Settings.

Additional permissions for a user will only be available if the workspace allows it.

Next, you'll need to choose which permissions you'd like a user to have. You can find User Settings on the Team page by clicking on the gear icon next to their name.

Will every editor have the same permissions?

Only the user you've given additional permissions to will see the features you've enabled. This means you can grant only the permissions certain users need in order to complete their tasks!

How do I know which editors have additional permissions, and which ones don't?

Editors that have an advanced permissions icon next to their name in the Workspace Settings have additional access. Their permissions will only be enabled, however, if the workspace allows it. This way, you can have some workspaces that are more flexible for editors while other workspaces can be more strictly managed.

What if I have questions?

Reach out to your Account Manager, or get in touch with us via livechat. We'd be happy to help!

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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