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Projects for Teams

Note: If you are on a single-user plan, check out our Projects FAQ instead.

To help organizations better manage lots of videos and teams, we've created a new organizational layer within Lumen5 called Projects.

Projects live on the side bar in Lumen5, and operate similar to folders. You can create a video in a project, and then easily move it between projects or out of projects.

The All Videos view lets you see all videos that both belong to a project or have not been sorted into a project.

User Permissions

Though projects behave like folders, they are much more powerful. Namely, you as an admin can control which projects editors can access and create videos within.

Admins can view all projects and all videos in a workspace, including videos that aren't in any project. Editors, on the other hand, can only view and create videos in projects they have been granted access to. Your workspace will need at least one project that editors have permissions to view in order for editors to create videos.

Editors will also not be able to access Analytics.

Can I use projects instead of workspaces?

Some organizations are currently using workspaces to organize videos. This can be quite inflexible, as videos and saved templates cannot be moved between workspaces. Projects might be a better solution.

If your organization is currently using workspaces for video organization, you might want to convert some or all workspaces to projects within another workspace. We can help with that! Here are a few things to consider.

All saved templates are available to all projects, videos, and team members within the same workspace.

Analytics are shared within the workspace.

Media uploads are shared amongst all videos and projects within a workspace.

How can I start using projects?

You can start using them immediately! Click on the + button next to the Projects header in the sidebar to create your first project.

If you'd like to convert some of your workspaces into projects, reach out to your Lumen5 account manager.

Updated on: 26/05/2022

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