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User Roles and Permissions

Note: Multiple users are only enabled for Enterprise plans.

For large teams, using roles and permissions effectively ensures that every user is only seeing what's relevant to them, and keeps the account clutter-free and secure. Every user has a role with broadly applicable permissions, and those permissions can be further customized from workspace to workspace and project to project.


There are two types of user roles available for multi-user teams in Lumen5: Admin and Editor. Admins have access to everything, while Editors will have some guardrails in place that can be customized.


Admins are able to see and change most settings and permissions for the account as whole, including billing information, brand settings, analytics, and user management. Admin access to videos is determined on a workspace level. Admins are able to see all videos within a workspace regardless of their individual access to project folders as long as they have access to that workspace, and can manage Editor access to project folders. They are also able to:

• Add/remove other users from the account

• View, create, delete, and manage user access for workspaces they have access to

• View the account Analytics tab

• View, create, and delete any project

• Turn on/off the Approvals workflow for a workspace

• Turn on/off brand control for Editors in a workspace

• View all videos within a workspace

• View billing information and receipts (if applicable)

^ Note: Workspaces in an account are only visible to users that have permissions for that workspace. If a team has multiple Admins, but only one Admin has access to a particular workspace, it will be hidden from all other users, including other Admins. See this article for more information on workspaces.


Editors can have their access customized by Admins. Editor permissions are determined on a project level meaning they need permissions to view both the workspace as well as the project they will be creating videos in. Projects they are not added to will be invisible, and Editors must have access to at least one project in order to create a video. If you have not created any projects in the workspace you are adding the Editor to, you will be prompted to create a project first.

Editors do not have access to account-wide settings, but they are able to change personal settings like their password, user profile name, and email notifications. If the Approvals workflow is enabled for a workspace, Editors will need to first request permission from an Admin before they are able to publish and download their videos. By default, brand access is disabled for Editors in workspaces– if you'd like to allow Editors to create new saved templates or customize branding on a video by video basis, you can enable advanced editor permissions in the workspace's settings.

Advanced Editor Permissions

If specific editors or workspaces require additional permissions beyond what the editor role provides, you can turn on advanced editor permissions! This grants access to additional options inside Lumen5, without allowing admin access to account settings or billing information. Full details about that here.

Workspace Permissions

Workspaces are entirely standalone areas of your Lumen5 account– think of them as a private room that you can only access if you either have the key or are invited in. Videos, uploads, and saved templates are only available in the workspace they were created, and every user must have explicit permissions for a workspace in order to view it anywhere in the account. You can view, add, or delete users from a workspace in your workspace settings.

Since workspaces are invisible to any user that does not have permission for the workspace, be careful to not create workspaces that only a single user has access to. If that user is removed from the account, the workspace will become inaccessible.

Project Permissions

Since Admin users can view all videos in a workspace by default, they do not need to be added to individual projects.

Editors will only be able to see or create videos in projects they've been added to. You can add Editors to projects two different ways: when you are initially inviting them to the account, or later in the project settings. Editors must be in at least one project in a workspace in order to create videos. You will see the projects available to add the Editor to in the invite modal.

You can also add Editors to a project in the project's settings. You can find a project's settings by clicking on the project in the left-hand sidebar and selecting the ••• next to the project's name.


I'm an Editor but when I log in, I don't see any videos or the "New video" tile, only a prompt that I need to be added to a project.

Since Editor access is on a project-level, you'll need to be added to a workspace and at least one project in order to create videos. Your account Admin, usually your most senior colleague with access to Lumen5, will need to add you to a project before you can view or create any videos.

I've shared a link to a published video with my colleague, but they can't view it.

First, make sure that your colleague is logged in to their Lumen5 account and has access to the workspace your video is in. If the video is in a workspace they do not have access to, you will need to change the video's permission settings in the Share screen from "This video is private" to "Anyone with the link".

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Updated on: 27/02/2024

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