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Approvals for Teams

In the creator:

In the top right corner near the Publish button, you'll see a kebab menu (3 vertical dots) that displays the video's status and who is assigned to review the video. This menu will default to No status and No assignee if the video has not yet been a part of an approval workflow.

Clicking on either of the two options opens up the approval modal:

You can then choose between four status options, and can assign this video to anybody in your account to review. When you're selecting who you'd like to review the video, you'll also see a check box that gives you the option to send the assignee an email notification.

How you use these 4 status options is totally up to your team! Approvals are individual to each video, so different videos may have different statuses and assignees. The options and suggested definitions are:

No status: this is the default option for videos that don't need to be approved
In progress: the video is being worked on
Needs review: the video needs feedback or review from the assignee
Approved: the video is complete and ready to rock and roll 🎸 Selecting this option will automatically publish the video for you.

The 4 status options will change the badge on the video tile on the dashboard and determine what email your assignee receives. If the video has no status, no email is sent and no dashboard tag appears.

Once you've made those changes and clicked Confirm, the modal will disappear and you'll see a message confirming that your changes were made:

From the dashboard:

You can also change the approval status from the video tile on the dashboard. Look for Approval status appears in the meatball menu (3 horizontal dots) on the video tile in your dashboard:

Clicking on it will open up the same modal that appears in the creator, and you can make the same changes from here. Videos on your dashboard will display tags that reflect their approval status like this:

Email notifications:

If the Notify assignee via email box is not checked, no email will be sent.

There are four email notifications that can be triggered:

Review requested - this email will be triggered when a video is moved from any status to Needs review

Changes requested - this email is triggered in one of two ways:
When a video’s status changes from Needs review back to In progress
When the status stays in Needs review but the assignee changes

Approved email - this email is triggered in one of two ways:
The status is changed from any status to Approved
The status stays as Approved but the assignee changes

Status has changed - this email says “a video’s status has been changed” for all other situations where either the status or assignee changes

How to make approvals mandatory for editors:

If you don't want users with editor permissions to be able to publish videos without approval, you can make approvals mandatory! Head to Workspaces from the drop down menu that appears when you click on your profile in the top right corner. Look for the gear icon next to the workspace and click on it, then select Workspace Settings. From there, scroll down to the bottom and look for the toggle "Editors require approval before publishing a video":

Once this is toggled on, any editors in this workspace won't be able to publish their video. Instead, they'll need to click in to the kebab (3 vertical dots) menu in the top right corner next to the Publish button, and change their video status to "Needs review".

This will trigger an email to be sent to the assignee on that video, which should be the admin who is reviewing and approving the video. Once the admin views the video, they can choose to either change the status to Approved (which automatically publishes the video) or advise the editor on the changes that need to be made.


Can a video be published without being approved?

It depends on your workspace settings and role in your team! By default, videos that have not been marked as Approved can still be rendered and downloaded by anyone on the team. If approvals have been set as mandatory for editors, editors will need to change the video status to Needs review and have an admin approve and publish the video.

Who can be assigned to a video?

Anybody in the account that has access to that workspace/project. This means that even editors can be assigned to any stage of the approvals process, as long as they’re in that workspace and have permissions for that project.

Does every video need to have a status or an assignee?

No! This is entirely opt-in on a video by video basis. Some videos may have a status and/or assignee, and some videos may have neither. This should make it easy to use when it’s needed and hidden away when it’s not.

Can reviewers/assignees leave comments?

This doesn't happen directly through the approval process, but comments can be left on any scene! More about that here.

What if an assignee is removed from the workspace/account?

If an assignee is no longer a valid selection because they don’t have access to that video anymore, the assignee field will revert to No assignee. The status of the video will not change.

Updated on: 24/06/2022

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