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Inviting team members

Team members are available for users on an Enterprise plan.

You can invite team members to collaborate and create videos together. You can invite team members from your Lumen5 Dashboard by clicking on your profile icon in the top-right corner, and then selecting Team from the dropdown menu.

When in the Team Members section, click "Add team member" to begin adding a team member.

The window that pops up will have you select the workspace you'd like to invite your teammate to by email, and assign them a role: either an Admin or an Editor.

Admins have full access to all projects and videos. Admin also have full control over all organizational settings, and can change payment information and subscriptions.

Editors have limited access. If you are assigning an Editor role to a teammate, you'll also need to assign them to at least one project. They can only access and create videos within the project(s) that have been assigned to. Editors must be assigned to at least one project.

Learn more about admin and editor roles here.

Learn more about how projects work for teams here.

Inviting a team member that has an existing Lumen5 account:

An email can only be used once to create a Lumen5 account, so you'll get an error if you try to add a team member with an email address that's associated with an existing account.

Should this occur, your best bet is to ask the user you wish to invite to delete their existing account. Once their account is deleted, you can add them as a team member using their email address.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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