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How do I remove someone from my team?

Removing a team member will remove that user from the team account. This user will then be downgraded to a free account and they will cease to have access to all of the videos, uploads and saved templates created within the team workspace.

To remove a user:

In Account Settings, navigate to the Team members section where you will see a list of all your team members. Please note that only users in the Admin role are able to see the Team members section and have the rights to remove a team member.

In the Team members section, click the gear icon on the right-hand side of the user that you would like to remove from the team:

When clicking on the gear icon, you will see an option to "remove from team". Click there, and you will see a confirmation message to verify team member removal:

Once you confirm, the team member will be removed.

Updated on: 06/06/2022

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