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Custom Templates

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What is a Custom Template?

How do Custom Templates differ from Saved Templates?

How custom can we get?

What does the customization process involve?

What does Lumen5 need from you?

How much does it cost?

Any other questions?

What is a Custom Template?

Lumen5’s Custom Template Design service provides you with branding customization so that your videos are in line with your organization's look, feel, and personality!

Our Custom Templates keeps you on point and on target when it comes to brand consistency and truly boosts your online video presence with a unique template, specifically designed for your team.

Not only are you able to create custom scene designs unique to your organization's specific branding guidelines but this will also add an extra layer of confidence to make sure all videos produced in Lumen5 look exactly the way you need them to, regardless of who in your organization is creating them.

How do Custom Templates differ from Saved Templates?

Saved Templates: These are the existing templates available using preset design themes including scene transitions, text animations and scene designs, which can then be customized in terms of fonts, colors and watermarks.

These templates are available to all customers on Lumen5.

Custom Templates: Custom templates allow you to elevate your videos by adding an extra layer of brand, look and feel, so the videos you create are indistinguishable from your agency videos and distinctly varied from other Lumen5 customer videos.

This is your own template!

How custom can we get?

Our experienced Motion Graphics Design team can customize the following elements to make your template as bespoke as possible, including customizations to:

Text, title, quote, and outro scene designs (up to 3 designs for each)

Color palettes

Font hierarchy

Alignment for all scene elements

Text positioning (including restrictions if required)

Minimum or maximum text sizes

Animations and icons

Scene transitions

Media filters

If there are any elements of your branding which fall outside of these categories, please identify these in the Branding Consultation Survey so our Motion Graphics Design team can confirm what’s possible.

If you think it, we’ll try to build it!

What does the customization process involve?

Brand Consultation and Scoping - Week 0

To start, you’ll be sent a Branding Consultation Survey to share your branding assets and wish list to share with our Motion Graphics Design team.

Once the Design team receives all of your branding assets and information, your request will be added to our template queue. Our custom templates take around two weeks in total.

Scene Design Mockups - Week 1-2

Once the Design team starts working on your request, we’ll first create the initial scene design mockups for your feedback and comments.

Final Template Review - Week 3-4

Once you and your team are happy with the mockups, we’ll proceed to create the final template. We’ll share a video walkthrough of the template with you to review prior to signing off on the template.

Ready to go!

We will then activate the template on your account so your team can start using it right away! We will always endeavour to get your template completed before your team is fully onboarded and trained.

What if you need edits to your custom template?

Don't worry! Our customers have up to three (3) revision requests available before we sign off on the design together. We'll work with you to accommodate your requests as best we can so the final template will be created to your vision.

What does Lumen5 need from you?

As much branding information as possible!

Minimum Requirements:

Brand guidelines and font files.

Watermark and outro files. Our Design team also really encourages video examples and where available, any video guidelines or specifications, so they can understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Links to inspiration, videos that make you go “Wow, I wish we can do this too!”

If you don’t have these available you can answer some additional questions in our branding consultation survey to better define what you’d like to see in your template.

How much does it cost?

Every Enterprise client has one complimentary Custom Template when kicking off their Lumen5 contract. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in additional scene designs, we’re happy to provide more information to your request.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

Updated on: 26/05/2022

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