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Translating your voiceover into another language

Translations for AI voiceover are available exclusively for Enterprise team users. For more information about Enterprise, click here.

To translate your AI voiceover, click on the voiceover source at the top, then click on Translate voiceover:

Once you click Translate voiceover, you'll see a modal pop-up that asks you to select the language you'd like to translate to:

Once you've selected the language from the dropdown menu, click on Translate. You'll see a window appear that has all of your captions in the new language!

To edit your translated captions, select or click on any of the words, then click Correct:

Once you click Correct, all of the words that you selected will be editable. Just type to fix any punctuation or bad translation errors that we may have made! Once all of your captions look good, click Apply.

Once you've clicked Apply, our bots will translate the voiceover audio- this can sometimes take a minute because we're also adjusting the timing of all your scenes. Once it's done, you can edit your video or the transcript like you normally do!

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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